APEC Registry Welcomes Architect Philip Recto

The Central Council of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Architect Monitoring Committee has accepted Architect Philip H. Recto as one of the first twelve nominees to be given the title APEC Architect in the Philippines.

The APEC Architect Framework reduces barriers to the export of architectural services through the determination of common grounds for eligibility and maintaining a registry of eligible professionals.

In order to qualify as an APEC Architect, conditions such as terms of practice and manner of education are accounted for, not to mention extensive professional experience through the plethora of architecture classifications from the most simple requiring basic architectural knowledge with little finishing work, to the more complicated ones requiring extensive research on the various trades associated such as lighting, acoustics and mechanical systems.

Registration for the said title is through a rigorous process of application evaluated through as much as three levels of deliberation by different sets of panel.

Admission to the APEC Architect Register means that Architect Philip Recto has satisfied fully all of the aforementioned requirements and shall be recognized by all the member economies as an APEC Architect.

Conferred on the 1st of October 2006 at the Maynila Room of the Manila Hotel during the celebration of the World Architecture Day, the twelve nominees chosen shall from then on, bear the title APEC Architect with all its duties and responsibilities.

Architect Philip Recto was also chosen to speak in behalf of the first twelve recipients on the day of the conferment with a brief and inspiring message on globalization and the capacities of the Filipinos as global competitors in the field of architecture that capped off the nights' ceremonies.

Quoting from his speech:
"Tonight, we stand here before you as a testament of the capacity that is inert within us. Let us not allow ourselves to be overshadowed by the perceived dominance of other more developed countries, but let us work with them and learn from each other. Architecture, after all, is the marriage of science and the arts, both subject to analysis and scrutiny, no matter where it stands. So let us one by one, in our own time and method, rise above the adversities and make our mark in the profession - in the region where we are a part of."

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