De La Salle Museum taps Architect Philip Recto

"The Museum" at De La Salle University-Manila has invited noted architect Philip H. Recto to serve as one of the members of its Board of Advisors recently.

The DLSU's exhibit gallery - "The Museum" is the proud custodian of the Wili and Doreen Fernandez Art Collection which includes, among its more than 400 pieces, exemplary works of ten out of the thirteen National Artists to date.

Driven with a motive of preservation of cultural heritage and the development of Filipino identity through their pieces and displays, this venue for appreciation and promotion of the visual arts of the Philippines also conducts regular dialogues and lectures with both artists and art critics alike.

In an effort of continuing service to and improvement of services, management and offerings, the creation of a Board of Advisors was a prioritized step of the museum. And Architect Philip Recto, also designer of De La Salle's now operational 20-Storey Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall which is the tallest school building in the Philippines, has been invited to become a member of this prestigious board.

The university hopes that with the inclusion of Architect Recto into its board of advisors, the rich background of this multi-awarded architect in his field of expertise and in the arts industry will be shared and imparted throughout the La Sallian community and the public.

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