Philip Recto Awardees Doing Well

The Philip H. Recto Design Excellence Award program instituted by the UP College of Architecture enters its 10th year this school year with a total of 105 awardees, 18 of whom have been facilitated to obtain post-baccalaureate training abroad.

The present batch of 6 awardees sent oversea is composed of Meggie Anne Garcia, Rose Michelle Magat, Andrea Marie Dizon & Maria Odelia Precioso who are now being trained in Architects 61, one of the top architectural firms in Singapore while Patrick Brian Angco and Jacky Chang are now connected with the prestigious Ronald Lu and Partners in Hong Kong.

Fresh out of college, the awardees are awed by the vast opportunity presented before them. They enjoy their work so much while learning such that they do not consider it a task. They also enjoy their new lifestyle abroad such that they forgot being homesick. One of them described their experience to travel extensively abroad as "surreal", being able to visit neighboring countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and even far away Europe. Never in their wildest dreams would they think that they could have visited these places from their own earnings.

Thru regular emails to their patron, the renowned architect Philip Recto, they also described how they are highly-regarded by their supervisors and officemates who are so helpful and approachable such that they do not encounter problems in their new job.

The awardees also expressed their inner desire to return to the Philippines someday and contribute whatever knowledge and experience they have gained from this journey and give back to the country.

The projects assigned to the Recto awardees are awesome. They are not delegated to the backroom but hold frontline positions. They have a direct hand in designing high-end condominiums, art museum and mega projects in China. They deal with clients and give instructions to the contractors at the jobsites. They are among the top performing staff in the office. In fact, one of the awardees, Ingrid Araneta, has just been promoted to Associate of Architects 61 this January.

Overtaken by enthusiasm, the awardees enjoy working overtime. Some even bring their work home to do and during weekends, they would visit shopping malls, eat and relax at the beach or just lounge at home and enjoy each other's company.

All the awardees have expressed their unbounding gratitude to Arch. Philip Recto who opened the doors for them to undergo this once-in-a-lifetime experience, considered the best time in their life. Kudos to Arch. Recto for spearheading this unique award program and making the dreams of these young and aspiring architects a reality.

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Philip Recto Awardees Doing Well

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